Your Severs Are Not Belong To Us

So fellow gamers, i have been let down by one of the biggest gaming companies in the market. So i wrote them an email to share with them my feelings. Please read the following message…

Dear Activision & Treyarch

What the heck! I have been a long time lover of Call of Duty… and Black Ops was no exception. I had heard rumors of games failing out and booting the players for losing connection with the hosts, and granted that happened once in a while. No big deal. Then came the terrifying rumor of the servers not working and displaying an error code telling the user that there was no connection and to try again later. I thought to my self, “wow that certainly seems unlikely.” Then two days ago… the unthinkable happened. To me. There it was, staring me on the face. The server error.

Now not being one to jump to conclusions, i tried another 10 times. Same outcome. So Treyarch, you’ve lost another customer. Infinity ward has never had this problem with their COD games. but from the info ive gathered lately, your company seems not give that same attention to detail that they did. And now im left wondering what will happen to my beloved game franchise. The better of the two developers is gone, and the other can’t seem to get it together. So I hope You read these words carefully… cause you’ve caused a lot of hurt in this gamers heart, not to mention the others.



P.s thats my gamertag on ps3 if you feel the need to apologize

Well that’s that. Have any of you had the same issue or had another incident like this occur to you? leave your story in the comments if so.


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