Twas A Dark And Stormy Night….

Looking out the window, I notice a strange sight. Soaking wet and motionless, a figure stands beneath my window. As I wonder why the person is just standing there staring in my direction, a flash of lightning occurs, revealing a blood soaked and flesh torn face with lifeless eyes. Then another flash, and I see the others gathering behind her.

Zombies. They are everywhere nowadays. In comics, movies, tv shows, even video games. These strange beings have infected our imaginations for quite some time now. They strike fear into some, but intrigue into others. I for one am infatuated with them. Braaaaainnnnnns! Sorry. Back to the blog.

Some of my favorite incarnations of the zombie outbreaks have been the Book World War Z by Max Brooks(son of the legendary Mel Brooks). Such amazing story telling was brought to the documentary style of the book. Chilling stories, amazing visuals, sadness, and excitement.

Another good adaptation of the zombie outbreak is the Dlc for Rockstars Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmare. The way they introduced zombies into the wild west was just simply amazing. The people of Blackwater reacted so uniquely to the new inhabitants of their fair town, and the adventure from there out is cheeky and hilarious. Being able to lasso zombies and battle hordes of them as you burn down cemetaries is just the beginning. You also get to meet of cryptozoology’s most wanted members. And it was just simply amazing.

I don’t see zombies going anywhere anytime soon. The market is still going on strong, but even when it dies down, they will still keep on un-living in my heart. Feel free to leave you thoughts or comments. Until next time!

Written by Devin


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