You want how much?!?! The rise in awareness for old games

Its official… they have caught on to us. No longer can you walk into a pawn shop or you neighbors crappy yard sale, and expect to find a classic gem from gaming history. True, every so often you find a killer score, but for the most part these people seem to realize that there is something special about the old dusty electronics.

CASE IN POINT! A local video rental store just recently decided to go under. Their inventory included a lot of classic game cartridges, complete with the box and various manuals. Rather than price out his inventory individually,  the owner decided they all will go for $5 a piece. Talk about score……. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!

On the flip side , though, I’ve also payed that same price, or more, for poorly treated, dusty, and sticky cartridges. Just the cartridges.

To me, its like a treasure hunt. Someone says they have a box of old gaming stuff, and my eyes must light up like its Christmas. I get all anxious and sweaty as I look through the box of classics. And when I find that special game I’ve been looking for, I usually gawk at it. Then ill hug it (but that just makes me weird). If someone wants to charge me a little extra, that feeling is always worth it.

So enough of my reminiscing, I wanna here from you. Leave me comments and tell me about what you enjoy about finding old games that bring out a special feeling . Oh yeah, one more thing…. IM BRINGING BACK THE BLOG! kthxbye


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