YAY tax season!

Tax season… Its like Christmas, but in the middle of April! But anyways, I purchased a new laptop today and some funny instructions just so happened to come in the box.

Step one:

Weird how you cant do anything until you open the box and take out the book that tells you the first step is to open the box!!! Kinda makes my head hurt.

So now that I have a new laptop, I will hopefully be able to keep up on the blog a little more often. Sorry for the delay in posts, just been super busy and have been having computer problems. So check back soon to see what is in store.


2 Responses to “YAY tax season!”

  1. Dave Martin Says:

    I know the feeling. My schedule is getting switched up at work so I can start doing things with my Web site again. Being super busy sucks some times…

  2. lol nice screenshot of instructions

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