Another exciting week in the video game field… not really

Wow this is an awkward picture…, and sorry for the stall in my blog, but I’ve just been having no luck finding any interesting topics to discuss with you guys. It’s just been Playstation move and random thoughts from developers all week due to the GDC (Game Developers Conference).

So, I’ve been pondering about somethings. First off, I’m curious to know how you all feel about mobile gaming. Does your Phone have awesome apps for gaming and what not, or do you choose to use a hand-held gaming device i. e. the Nintendo DS. Personally my Droid phone has a lot of interesting games and applications to keep me entertained while out and about. It even has an emulator for just about any hand-held or old school system you can think of.

Secondly, what game are you guys waiting for? Is there a game coming out that you have been drooling over for months now? I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a new Zelda to be released this year. Don’t let me down Nintendo!!!


2 Responses to “Another exciting week in the video game field… not really”

  1. First of all mobile gaming is fun but most of the games are super gimmicky and don’t really keep me interested. Although the DS is pretty awesome and the emulators for the DS are pretty awesome as well. I’ve been hoping they’ll do a twilight princess version of Link to the Past. I would probably gizz myself if they did that. 😀

  2. Give me duke nukem or give me death, just kidding, but seriously, a new duke would be badass!! As far as my phone goes the games that I keep are fun but, the apps are awesome, useless facts, maybe the best app out there…

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