Its official… Peoples lives will be lost

He he he … i love that picture. Today marks the first day of a two week event. At midnight last night, Final Fantasy XIII launched. This next two week stretch will be unrelenting for gamers on the ps3, because exactly one week after FFXIII comes out, we get God of War 3. A game that has been in the making for centuries… well at least a while. These two games will definatly be in the runnings for game of the year. Both highly anticipated games. Both have  absolutely stunning visuals. I mean have  you seen any pictures? Here look!

The devistation will be great. Many peoples lives will become lost to the madness that is one if not two of these games. i currently know someone that thinks they can fully beat FFXIII by the time God of War launches nest week. crazy person, that kid.

So, are you excited for one of these games? Not excited? Confused? tell me about it. I even have a poll you can use.


3 Responses to “Its official… Peoples lives will be lost”

  1. Final Fantasy looks pretty cool. Two people in the newsroom were planning to go to the midnight release last night: the main paginator and the main editor. And another editor had his preordered and should be here this week. If I had a PS3, I would check it out too. Or if it was on PC. =p

  2. As far as PS3 goes, Final Fantasy… However, Star Craft 2 has my money for a PC game. 🙂

  3. As much as I like the Final Fantasy games, and I did end up voting for it in the poll, but it has lost some of its appeal.

    My main complaint is this: Square-Enix seems content on changing the setting, and the characters, but will leave the same story intact. It goes like this, Main Dude lives peaceful life, Main Dude gets involved in small/regional dispute, dispute gets snowballed into worldwide crisis, Main Dude travels world, Main Dude meets friends, Main Dude and friends kill Main Bad Dude. Someone important to Main Dude may or may not die, crisis averted.

    It’s like they have a Mad Libs type book and fill in the blanks, but figure making jawdroppingly beautiful cinamatics and settings will make everything okay. Personally, I don’t care if they make a game set in a cliche swords and sorcery type world, if the story is somewhat interesting and unique, I’ll be happy to play it.

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