Why Do We Need Video Games?

It dawned on me some time back that almost anyone is into the gaming thing nowadays. Which has led me to a question. Why do we need to game? I’ve come up with a few reasons on my own, but I’d like to hear from you on why we as a whole  have become so obsessed with video games.

1. People like the story.

Lately, I have found myself caring more and more about the story in the games i play. If the story line just doesn’t stick out, i have a harder time getting into the game. I think this has to do with how the current gaming culture has always urned for the chance to control the outcome of their favorite games. Just imagen if you could really feel and want to know the inner workings of Donkey Kong’s mind. Why was he so focused on stealing the princess? Games now are actually allowing for us to control outcomes, which way we travel to get a certain objective accomplished, or uncover more to the story by exploring more of the world. like playing a movie and getting to be the main character.

2. social interaction

Our world today is a vast open area where the great (and not so great) minds, are constantly updating. From twitter, facebook, or myspace to blogs, message boards, and even gaming. Being able to brag to your friends about your recent accomplishments is vital. And what better way to do so than playing your favorite games together. Just imagen virtual bowling with your Grandpa… Online gaming allows friends to be able to hang out and play their favorite games together, even if they are miles apart. Most games even give you the option to find new friends. FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! It actually allows for global relationships to form. That’s mighty impressive in my mind. So whether your like to trash talk noobs, or complete a raid with 20 of your friends, online gaming has a very large grip on society today.

3. Escape…

Gaming to me is a way of relaxing. Even if I’m playing a shooter online, I’m still in my little place of peace. It allows me to spend quality time with the ones I care about. To unwind and enjoy an amazing story with the people I love. To pretend that we are rock stars, even if it’s in our living room. To save our planet from its impending doom. It’s a way to escape from ones crazy, stressful day of rushing about. People need that escape. They need to be able to let go and just lose themselves for  a while.

So there you go. Just some random thoughts and statements that have been floating in my head. please feel free to share your thoughts on these subjects or any more that you think of. I’m always up for a good debate.


6 Responses to “Why Do We Need Video Games?”

  1. Nice blog. I agree with your three reasons, mostly the story part because I love feeling like I am controlling a movie. Social interaction as well because it’s way neat talking to my library friends while playing a game. And yes escape as well. Well put. I couldn’t have said it better.

    P.S. you have “blowing with Grandpa” where you meant “bowling with Grandpa”. you should edit though so people with dirty minds don’t have crazy images i their head. ewww

  2. Checkin for mistakes, its a good idea, bowling with grandpa, is much different than blowing with grandpa… otherwise I totally agree…

  3. I really like this article man. Keep it up, and keep em rollin’.

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