Lawsuits and Murder…

Hello there again my geeky comrades.

We start the day off by discussing just what in the hell is going on over at Activision and Infinity Ward.

Some crazy people have done some crazy things in the world of call of duty.  I really don’t understand why Activision decided to let 2 of its most influential employees go this week, but when they did they unleashed a hell storm of a lawsuit.  Jason West and Vince Zampella have been let go by the company for insubordination and breach of contract.  these guys are part of the team that made the Call of Duty franchise what it really is today. And now they plan to stick it to the boss man, and are suing Activison. they are claiming that they were let go right before they were to receive royalties for Call of Duty ModernWarfare 2. So they will be taking Activison to court for said royalties and even possibly the right to continue making their game under their own company. Thats some “pretty smelly stuff” Activision has gotten themselves into. In my opinion this could have some serious weight on what the franchise will become. I don’t want to see this game become just another forgotten, much less cared about, series. They have already done so much for this game, and i was so blown away by Modern Warfare 2. I am patiently waiting for the third installment. So good luck fellas, you going to need it.

Heavy… that doesn’t even begin to describe how this game feels. Heavy Rain has made its way into my all time favorites list. This game is the definition of drama. Every choice you make can have a serious impact on what happens during the game. But, just because the game is not played like any normal third person game, doesn’t mean you wont find yourself immersed in the story. After a while the new style of controls become second nature, and you basically control it without knowing. The characters are so in-depth, and so involved, that you just get sucked into whats happening. the twists and turns in this murder mystery will leave you wondering and questioning everything. this is a must play for anyone. TRUST ME!

Got something to say? post some comments and let me know whats up.

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One Response to “Lawsuits and Murder…”

  1. As far as the Infinity Ward/Activision rift goes, I think the royalties issue is only a surface squabble. I think the real reason is that the two execs from IW have been battling Activision for creative control of the Call of Duty franchise. Kotaku reported that one possible reason the two companies disagree with one another involves development time. IW’s last few games were Modern Warfare 2 (2009), Call of Duty 4 (2007) and Call of Duty 2 (2005). Activision’s Treyarch studio developed Call of Duty: World at War (2008), Call of Duty 3 (2006) and Call of Duty 2, Big Red One (2005). Reason behind this is speculated to be that Activision wanted maximize the profitability of the franchise and opted to alternate the two development teams in order to release a game every year. Since Call of Duty originally was created by IW, this move caused some tension between the two. It has also been rumored that IW wanted to back away from Call of Duty and create a game set in the far future. Rumors state that the idea was eventually nixed by Activision.

    With Heavy Rain, I did buy it, but I haven’t played it yet. The same day I bought it, I downloaded the PS1 game Grandia from the Playstation Network — and I’ve been playing it for the better part of the week.

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