Hello world!

Sorry to yell like that… I just couldn’t hear over the vast interwebs. I take it you are here because you are like me. You’re a nerd. A geek. One of the chosen ones. I have decided to start this small piece of internetheaven, to share with you my feelings ( yes i know that sounds all mushy and what not… cause it is) about the things i love in this crazy mixed up world. Whether its old school 8-bit gaming, the newest in the tech world, or just my thoughts on how zombies will eventually take over the world, i will be writing about it here. so join me on this magical quest… (wow that was nerdy)


One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. Well, when the zombie’s do come, I call shotgun!! And Its kinda funny lying in bed lastnight, I heard a noise outside… first thought? Fuckin ZOMBIES!!! Anyway, glad to see you’re back posting stuff…

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